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3256 S State Rd, Ionia MI 48846
Phone: 616 527- 9040 or Email: Jen or Beth
Hours:  Monday 8:00am to 12:00pm Tuesday-Saturday 1:00pm to 7:00pm Sundays by appointment email Jayne

Click on your choice of animal below to see all our pets up for adoption, a new window will open.  When your done browsing just close that window and you'll still have this site open. 

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WE WILL BE DOING ADOPTIONS AT PETSMART ON August 10, and September 7,2002


We present animals at the Petsmart in Grand Rapids (on the corner of 28th street and East Paris) the first two Saturdays of each month. Our adoption hours there on Saturdays for dogs and cats are 10am-6pm. If you see something that you like and are unable to get to Petsmart on a Saturday, please email Jen to make an appointment.

Adopting an animal from the Ionia County Humane Society is one of the best things a person can do. You can save a life, and the animal will give you everlasting love forever. The process of Adopting an animal is easy!

Pick out the animal(s) you would like to adopt
Fill out adoption application (click link to print out then bring this filled out form with you)
Prepay for sterilization (state law)
deposit for cats/kittens $35 at the shelter $25 at petsmart
$50 deposit for puppies/dogs.
This is refunded when proof of sterilization is shown.
Take the animal home! (this is our favorite step)
We adopt animals to great homes all over Michigan. We do welcome out-of-state adopters, as long as the animal in question is already sterilized, or scheduled to be by a humane society associate, before being taken home. The reason for this is that Michigan State Law requires that all animals adopted from animal shelters or humane societies, have to be fixed. We have no way to follow up on this with residents from other states, so if the animal is already fixed everyone is happy! We always have great cats and dogs at the shelter that have already been sterilized, so there is not a problem finding the perfect pet, for a friend from far away! We do not ship animals to adopters under any circumstances. Adopters must be willing to come see the pet in person.


GREAT NEWS! Out of the 560 Petsmart stores in the nation, our adoption site store is number 3 in the nation for adoptions! We share this particular site with one other adoption organization which is based in Grand Rapids, MI. Keep up the good work volunteers! Let's keep adopting our way into the number one spot!


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